Hi!  I’m Molly

I am a native Southern Californian now living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I am a self-taught baker, although my mother deserves much of the credit.  Her love of baking was passed on to me and as soon as I could reach the countertops, I was whipping up something.  Baking brings me great joy, a sense of pride and an outlet for sharing these delights with my family and friends.

I have a veritable treasure chest of recipes that have been handed down from the generations of amazing women before me.  But, I also have tattered and stained notebooks of recipes I have invented myself.  Some recipes were successful – delicious, satisfying, beautiful pieces of work.  Other recipes were complete duds.  Those I’ll call learning experiences…But, even when something doesn’t turn out as planned, I enjoy the process.  Of being inventive and creative in the kitchen.

Many of my recipes appeal to those with dietary restrictions or who bake for others with ingredient limitations.

Although I’d call myself an omnivore, I am conscious of the ingredients I use in my recipes.  I want to feel good about what I feed my family.  My kids are my Chief Taste Testers and have very refined palates (apparently).  I require two thumbs-up on all my recipes before I post them!

So, stay awhile and find something you like.  Then tell me about it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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